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  About Us

We offer a complete proof-reading service, designed for those students whose first language is not English.

All work will be carefully proof-read, and changes made to ensure compliance with the basic rules of English grammar and punctuation.

Over the past five years we have assisted over 300 students, from graduate to Ph.D. levels.

At no time will your work be rewritten, nor material changes made, rather we will amend your work to ensure that it reads fluently and can be understood.

When we return your work, we will also provide a copy using "revision marks" to illustrate alterations and act as a future guide.  Students have found this invaluable for future work as it helps them to avoid common mistakes.

It is important that you submit a contact number with your work.  If WE cannot understand what you are trying to say we will telephone you to clarify the matter.  If we cannot contact you by telephone or e-mail, we will simply highlight the specific area in your document.

Please note, your work remains strictly confidential, we NEVER disclose your name, nor the nature of your essay, to any other person (subject to the criteria set out in the Disclaimer).

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